As the Clocks Go Back, Don’t Fall Back on Your Skincare Routine!

The first day of fall means changing weather and colorful leaves. 

For sensitive skin types, changing weather means different reactions. Many people experience cracked, sensitive skin in dry weather.

September 22nd marked the beginning of fall. Your beauty routine should reflect the changing weather. Soon enough, the clocks will go backward, and we will see the sun less. Take extra care to get rid of dead skin cells, and find your daily routine for glowing skin.

Let’s talk about fall skincare tips. Taking care of skin can be confusing. As the weather changes, so should your skincare routine. The best skin care routine involves listening to your body and knowing its reactions.

Fall Skincare Tips: Taking Care of Skin in Changing Weather

More than likely, your skin changes with the weather. Change is true for all skin types, mainly those with sensitive skin. How do you avoid being dry and cracked?

Learn How to Exfoliate

Exfoliation rubs dead skin cells off of your body. The process unveils healthy and smooth skin underneath. However, too much exfoliating is irritating and harmful. Change up how often you exfoliate based on your skin’s reaction. 

  • Exfoliating for dry skin – Once or twice a week works for dry types. A gentle non-chemical scrub with moisturizing ingredients like colloidal oats works best.  
  • Exfoliating for oily skin – Every two or three days works for oily types. Scrubs with herbs like calendula or superfoods  like dried orange peel do best for this skin type. 
  • Exfoliation for combination skin – Once or twice a week works for combination types. Pay close attention to your skin and use the right scrub based on how your skin feels, dry vs. oily. 
  • Gentle exfoliation- Over-exfoliating is harmful. Try a gentle exfoliant if your skin is easily irritated.

Never exfoliate over acne. Doing that makes it worse, and it is hard to stop flare-ups. Exfoliation should not be a part of your daily routine either. Talk to a skincare expert about your skin type before making any big choices.

Learn How to Cleanse

Cleansing in the morning and the evening lifts dirt and dead skin cells. It only takes a few minutes, and it leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day or night. All types of cleansers exist from the most gentle, natural skincare to harsher brands.

  • Oil or cream cleansers for dry skin – If you have dry skin, opting for thicker products helps. When you use hot water and wash your face, it strips your body of its natural oils. An oil or cream cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup, replaces the moisture leaving your skin clean and  fresh.
  • Oil or gel cleansers for oily or combination skin – Oil cleansers work well for all types of skin. It is a gentle and easy method to remove dirt and makeup. Gel cleanser also works well for both oily or combination skin types by gently removing excess oil from the pores leaving your skin clean and fresh. 

Cleansing daily keeps your pores clean and healthy. Adding a toner after cleansing removes dirt and last traces of make up to purify the pores. It helps prime the skin for serum and moisturizers.If you notice acne flare-ups, try changing up your cleansing routine. The fall months may require some experimentation with your daily cleanser. As the clocks go back, prepare for autumn with new cleansers.

Learn How to Moisturize

Moisturizing is a key part of taking care of skin. As fall approaches, add more hydration to your daily routine.

  • Lightweight natural moisturizers – Going the lightweight route works best for oily and combination skin types. A gel or thin lotion type of moisturizer does not irritate oily skin.
  • Heavyweight hydration for dry skin – As winter approaches, heavyweight hydration is necessary for dry and combination skin types. Opt for moisturizers with butters and oils that add a heavier type of hydration to the skin. 

Add moisturizer right after taking a bath or a shower. Some people moisturize multiple times a day, especially after cleansing. Natural skin care lovers drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruit, and take care of their bodies. 

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