If you’ve started to explore natural approaches to caring for your skin, you’ll probably have come across this term and may be wondering “what is ayurvedic skincare?”—and how might it apply to you… This intro will get you started!

Mark Twain once said that the finest clothing ever made is a person’s own skin. We couldn’t agree more! 

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, plays a surprising number of roles in your body. Its primary function is to act as a barrier. But besides protecting your body from harmful things in the outside world, the skin also helps the body maintain the right internal temperature and allows us to sense the world through nerve endings. 

It goes without saying that taking care of your skin is essential to your overall well-being. If you take good care of your skin, it can help take care of you. A good skincare routine leads to great, healthy skin. If you’ve ever looked into natural skincare approaches, or the science of eastern medicine, you may have come across a practice known as Ayurveda

Ayurvedic skincare is one of the oldest and most practiced skincare routines. But what exactly is Ayurvedic skincare? And how can it help you maintain healthy, naturally glowing skin inside and out?

What Is Ayurvedic Skincare? 

Based on ancient Indian medicine, Ayurvedic skincare emphasizes the use of herbs and other natural ingredients to treat and nourish the skin. The Ayurvedic system underscores the philosophy that true beauty comes from within

It’s the internal foundation of wellness that helps you look better on the outside. 

Ayurveda entails nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Eventually, practicing Ayurveda will help you become in tune with your body’s needs and take better care of yourself. You can use Ayurvedic principles to shape and tone your skin and body. When you apply Ayurvedic principles to your skincare routine, it’s known as the Ayurvedic skincare routine. 

How It Works 

Ayurveda sets a pretty high standard for the concept of natural skincare. The typical Ayurvedic skincare routine uses food-grade ingredients only. In other words, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. 

The Ayurvedic skincare routine can include herbal formulations designed to nourish the skin based on your unique combination of the three doshas, or Prakruti. What are these? 

Doshas are one of three life forces that make up the constitution of the body and mind. Ayurveda believes that every person has a dominant dosha. Identifying yours can help guide you to an optimal path for health, lifestyle—and your skincare routine. Together it forms a personalized approach to health. 

The three doshas are: 

•    Vata (wind). Vata dominant individuals have sensitive skin that’s dry or rougher in texture. 
•    Pitta (fire). If you are a Pitta, your skin tends to be freckly and prone to acne and sunburn. 
•    Kapha (water and earth). People who fall under the Kapha skin type tend to have thick, naturally oily skin. 

According to Ayurveda, every individual has a unique proportion of each dosha, usually with one being more dominant. Your unique combination of the three doshas (Prakruti) affects the health and appearance of your skin. 

So, Ayurvedic skincare is an approach to living that starts with caring for your unique needs. It’s also a skincare routine built around the herbs, extracts, flowers, minerals, and essential oils that best nourish your skin’s harmony with nature and Prakruti. A good skincare routine from Srida Herbals can give you a healthy, happy start to a naturally healthier glow.