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About Us

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Introducing Traditional Herbal Skincare by Srida Herbals

Mother nature is a self-taught engineer! Every environmentally-conscious person knows the power behind herbal skincare.If you do not, then we are here to teach you!

For centuries, great nations have sought out our earth’s natural offerings to create feelings of “better” and to help them look their very best.

Mother nature has the best solutions, and that is why clean skincare is the right choice.
Unrefined, raw ingredients are the best of the best for that natural, healthy glow.

For centuries, great nations sought our earth’s natural gifts to create feelings of “better” and to help them look their very best. The purest form of skincare comes straight from nature itself.

Our deep Indian heritage combines that centuries-old learning with Mother Nature’s offerings to create an herbal skincare range. We use the very best natural ingredients and essential oils.

Welcome to Srida Herbals. Our name comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “radiance”. With our all-natural ingredients, we want to help you achieve a wholesome, radiant glow.

We provide the spirit of Mother Nature, and it is just for you.

Our Mission Statement as an Ethical Skincare Brand

We want confidence, vitality, and happiness with your skin. We take a holistic approach, educating our customers on the value of good choices.

Herbal skincare itself is a journey. It is not just about applying personal products. Instead, healthy lifestyle choices make all the difference. Your self-care journey starts with the health of your mind and body.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin?

Harsh ingredients and chemicals hurt sensitive skin types. Clean skincare is a gentler and more direct approach.

Some people believe that “if it hurts, it works.” That method is simply not true, and it hurts your outer layer. If you have sensitivity, the first step is to find the right natural ingredients.

It should never hurt to take care of yourself.

We create exclusive organic products using plant-based ingredients. Each personal product is prepared to keep this original values. We ensure every skin type the radiance it deserves.

Our Commitment to Traditional and Herbal Skincare

Here is our promise:

We want to help you achieve the best skin possible. Nourishing your face and body boosts your self-esteem and makes you look amazing. The smooth, glowing faces of our patrons remind us of a job well done.

We use only the very best nature has to offer from sustainable, certified sources.

Our cruelty-free products are 100% vegan, environmentally friendly, and ethically sourced. We are an ethical skincare brand with true regard for the world around us.

Meet the Founder Lakshmi Ethirajan

I founded Srida Herbals in North Carolina in 2019 while raising two beautiful girls. I work full time in the pharmaceutical industry, and I take everyone’s health as seriously as my own children’s.

I aspire to serve those around me by helping them feel confident.

To found my organic line, I traveled back to my roots- India. India is the homeland of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, all-natural ingredients are the source of balance. The traditional practice revolves around harmony, being one with nature.

The holy grail of organic and vegan skin remedies is something that my mother and grandmother swore by. I wanted to pass these valuable lessons to both of my daughters. Unfortunately, the toxic items on the market today contain artificial ingredients. They do more harm than good!

I saw myself on a quest to keep my traditions alive, but I still want to satisfy my daughters’ desires to use modern beauty products. Luckily for me, I have 20+ years of pharmaceutical skills.

With my expert insight, I formulated traditional skincare products that I feel happy with my daughters using.

I use toxin-free, organic, herbal and vegan ingredients in the right quantity to maximize the natural effects.

By founding Srida Herbals, I want to influence the world of cosmetics around me. Taking care of your skin is a holistic ritual. It’s not just the active process of using products. You must actively take care of your body and use trusted ingredients.

Our sole desire is to educate people on the quality of leading a healthy lifestyle. Using organic beauty products creates a positive impact on your body and that is what I offer!

Our All-Natural Ingredients from Ethical Sources

Ethical sustainability starts at the source.

The origins of our organic ingredients are trusted, and we offer only certified materials. Ethical sourcing is a major part of our brand’s mission.

As an ethical skincare brand, we know the importance of your health and the health of mother nature.

We carefully prepare materials to create personal products that always hold their natural goodness. Clean skincare does not need toxic chemicals to work. Our organic products are free of parabens, pesticides, fertilizers, and any other harmful ingredient. Our products are packaged in environmentally friendly, zero waste containers to protect and leave our planet a clean place for generations to come.

There are many ingredients to avoid in skincare, and going the traditional route ensures your safety.

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