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Skin Care

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Daily Bliss Moisturizer


Information about product: Srida Herbal’s moisturizing cream has been formulated using ingredients that are carefully selected to have an immediate and long-lasting hydrating and soothing effect on dry sensitive skin.


Daily Glow Serum

5.00 out of 5

Srida Herbals Daily Glow Serum is a unique combination of lightweight oils that absorb quickly to firm dry, sensitive skin.


Daily Melt Cleanser

Srida Herbals Daily Melt Cleanser is formulated with light and heavy oils that hydrates, soothes and gently cleanses your skin.


Daily Refine Toner

5.00 out of 5

Srida Herbals Daily Refine Toner is a unique combination of hydrosols that remove dirt and last traces of make up to purify the pores.


Joy To The Skin Collection

Give the gift of glow to you and your loved ones with Srida Herbals Joy to The Skin collection. Our plant based skincare ritual set includes 5 foundational products that deliver a 1-2-3 routine for glowing skin everyday.


Bonus: Hand Knitted face cloth for cleanser, wooden spatula for scrub & facemask, and a hand-knitted facial round for the toner.


Super Fruit Scrub & Facemask

5.00 out of 5

Srida Herbals Super fruit scrub is formulated with gentle clay, fig seeds, and colloidal oats.